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Part Number:YGE 120 HVT
  • The specified current is the maximum continuous full power current
  • 4 to 12s LiPo, incl under voltage protection by power reduction
  • 5 to 14s LiFePo4, incl under voltage protection by power reduction
  • Current limiting
  • Disconnectable under voltage detection
  • Electronic speed control (Governor- mode)
  • Soft start
  • Active free-wheel, allowing unlimited part load operation.
  • Automatic or 6 step adjustable timing
  • Adjustable EMK brake
  • F3A(Acro brake (brake force control infinitely adjustable)
  • Frequency: 16 to 32 kHz
  • Speed limit: 240.000 rpm (2- Poles)
  • Temperature and overload warning
  • Anti- flash: decreases the closing spark
  • Basic -Programming with mode programming
  • Fine adjustment and selection of telemetry log with the PC Setup
  • Suitable USB-adapter optionally available

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