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XPower XC3223/10 LS

XPower XC3223/10 LS

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Part Number:XPower XC3223/10 LS
This is a special long shaft motor to convert, some of our semi-scale glider, without cutting the nose off.
It is particularly well suited for our Grob-103C and the mdm-1 Fox.

With the in the kit included bulkhead, motor install at the right place, allowing the shaft to exit the narrow fuselage.


  • Recomended number of cells: 6-10 ou 2-3 LiPo
  • KV: 1200
  • Max current: 37.4A
  • Internal resistance: 31mOhm
  • Dimensions: Ø32x47 (75.0)mm
  • Shaft diameter: 4mm
  • Weight: 135g approx.
  • Recommended prop: 13x6"


  • Prop: XPower repliable 13x6" #099FB1306 with special middlepart #099H200805
  • Controller: XPower XREG60
  • Battery: XPower Xtreme 2600mAh 11.1V
  • RPM: 9880
  • Current: 41A

Recommended controller: XPower XREG60

For models like: G-103 2.7m, SALTO, etc.

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