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Ventus 2cx 7.5m

Ventus 2cx 7.5m

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Part Number:Ventus 2cx 7.5m
Scale: 1:2.4 (42%)
Wing Span: 6.25 & 7.5 m (246 -295")
Length: 2.86 m (1128")
Wing Area:    dm2 ( in2)
Wing Airfoil: HN 948 T  12.2%
Flying Weight: 21 kg (46 lbs)
Radio: Standard radio.
Mini to std servos for the wings.

The Ventus 2cx is a high performance open class (18 m) glider. We at ICARE are very proud to offer here a (1:2.4)  large scale reproduction of this very high performance glider. As you can see on the little video it behaves like a pussy, very docile flying and generous in performance. It is a great ship to fly, smooth and gentle, yet aggressive at high speed, a joy to fly.

With a span of 7.5m this 1:2.4 scale Ventus 2cx is a very fine scale ship. With the 7.5m wingspan you have a great thermal ship that really rolls into thermals, very easy to get up. While with the short wing tips at 6.25m you have a real aerobat, that can do the craziest manoeuvres, imagination is the limit. This is an all moulded model of the finest, wings are hollow moulded sandwich technology, which uses  Herex as core material. The cockpit comes with a instrument mushrooms and seat, add some scale details such as instruments. All that remains for the builder to do is add a scale pilot for complete realism.

This glider comes almost completely built, and ready for radio installation. Only a few hours are required, before you go to the field. The moulded wings are made from fibreglass and carbon  components, a carbon and glassfibre strengtheners runs through the centre of the wings. 1200m of carbon tow are required to build the main spar. Wings are coming with two sets of moulded wingtips-wing extension. Airbrakes are installed and ready to be connected by the mean of a mini servo. Ailerons and flaps are hinged ready to hook up. The high gloss, gel coated Fiberglas fuselage has the wing joiner carrying tubes installed. The cockpit comes with all main components like the instrument mushrooms, seats, head rests done. Canopy is  fitted with scale hinges like the full size. A high quality shock absorbed retractable landing gear comes with brakes and is installed with its servo ready to work. A small package hardware and short building instructions are completing the kit. If you would like to venture into large scale gliders this Ventus 2cx is a must!

Radio requirements are:

- Aero tow system: 1x standard servo.
Ailerons: 2x high torque servo.
- Flaps: 4x high torque servo.
- Airbrakes: 2x standard servo (for size of box).
- Rudder: 1x standard servo.
- Elevator: 2x standard servo.
- Landing gear: 2x standard servo.

Kit comes highly prefabricated and very complete. Detailed kit content:

  • Hollow moulded wings, fibreglass/epoxy, carbon reinforced
  • Airbrakes installed ready to operate
  • Fully moulded fuselage, carbon reinforced and retract bulkheads installed
  • Hollow moulded tails surfaces
  • Outfitted cockpit with seat and instrument mushroom
  • Canopy fitted and painted
  • Large scale landing gear with brake and shock absorbers– installed with servos
  • Protective transportation bags
  • White Canopy protective sun cover
  • Complete hardware package

video in flight video

Complete combo package available upon request, sls and edf lift, inquire

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