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Swift S-1 4.7 - 5.5 m

Swift S-1 4.7 - 5.5 m

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Part Number:Swift S-1 5.5 m
Scale: 1:2.75 (36%)
Wing Span: 4.66 - 5.5 m (184 - 217")
Length: 2.5m (98")
Wing Area: 156 dm2 (2418 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HQ 1.5/12
Wing Loading: 96 g/dm2 (32 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 15-18 kg (33 lbs)
Radio: Standard radio
std servos for the wings

This is a success story in full sized glider, it won the 1995 Aerobatic World championship in France. It was designed as a successor of the famous Kobuz 3 in Poland. It took only 7 months to the designer and the manufacture to make the first flying prototype.

The model is a 1:2.75 scale semi-scale reproduction of this famous Polish aerobatic sailplane. This model is built to the same high quality standard featured in all ICARE kits. It carries the HQ1.5 airfoil, giving the sailplane smooth, fast and versatile flying characteristics. It is fully aerobatic, has a wide speed range, thermals well, and races well. At 5.5m wingspan, it features the extended wing tips.

Four servos will have to be fitted in the wings for the ailerons and the airbrakes, two standard sized servos will be used for the elevator and rudder which are respectively actuated via a pushrod. A retract servo and a tow release might be fitted in the nose for aero towing.

This all moulded kit is coming with a high quality white epoxy Fiberglas fuselage, and has the square wing joiner carrying tube installed. The fiberglass moulded, carbon reinforced wings are finished, no additional work is required on the wings, except installing the wing servo. The elevator is finished, the rudder is finished too. A clear plastic canopy and a Fiberglas canopy tray is supplied and has to be assembled. Only a few hours are required to finish this glider. A hardware package is completing the kit.

Standard kit content:

- White epoxy glass fuselage with reinforcement installed
- Clear canopy and fibreglass frame
- All moulded wings, airbrakes installed, control surfaces hinged
- Moulded tail units, rudder and elevator
- Hardware, short instructions, cnc vinyl cut decals set.

Deluxe kit content:

- White epoxy glass fuselage with reinforcement, retractable landing gear, tail wheel, tow release installed.
- Clear canopy framed and fitted.
- Cockpit interior
- All moulded wings, airbrakes installed, control surfaces hinged
- Moulded tail units, rudder and elevator
- cnc vinyl cut decals set
- Hardware, short instructions, protective wing bags.

Turbine version:

- Full carbon wings and fuselage

Standard Swift S-1, 4.66 - 5.5 m all moulded kit, price: U$ 2789.00, on sale at 2649.00 USD
Deluxe Swift S-1, 4.66 - 5.5 m
all moulded ARF kit, price: 4149.00 U$, on sale at 3949.00 USD
Deluxe all Carbon Swift S1, 4.66 - 5.5 m
full carbon ARF kit, price: 4799.00 U$,
on sale at 4499.00 USD

Complete combo package available upon request

Swift S1 available with scale self launch system or EDF, or FES

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