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Servo frame IDS  type MKS 6130 Mono Midi

Servo frame IDS type MKS 6130 Mono Midi

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Part Number:Type IDS KST MKS 6130 Mono Midi
Integrated Drive System "IDS Type MKS 6130 Mono Push Rod Midi".

    IDS system based on our servo frame type MKS 6130 bearing.
    One-piece push rod made of high-strength, carbon fiber reinforced plastic.
    The IDS comes with a choice of push rods, so the system can be used in any model.

    The set includes 5 IDS servo levers with different lengths, so the IDS can be used on the aileron, as well as on the flap.

    Our IDS systems can be used equally for "left" and "right".

    Technical specifications:

    Dimension servo frame: 56 x 47 x 11 mm

    IDS Push Rod Midi, effective lengths: 48 mm, 51 mm, 54 mm, 57 mm, 60 mm, 63 mm, 66 mm, 69 mm, 72 mm, 75 mm, 78 mm, 81 mm.
    Cross section: 6 x 3.8 mm.

    Fork set, effective lever lengths: 4.5mm, 5.5mm, 7.0mm, 8.0mm, 10.0mm.

    The following servos can be used with "IDS type MKS 6130":

    MKS HV 6130

    All "IDS Type MKS 6130" are supplied with the new, reinforced IDS Fork Set Type MKS.

    Price per piece


KST-DS135MG slim wing servos
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