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Sailfish F3K 924 (kit)
Sailfish F3K 924 (kit)

Sailfish F3K 924 (kit)

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Part Number:Sailfish F3K 924
Wing Span:900 mm (35.4")
Length:680 mm (25.8")
Wing Area:11 dm2 (170 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: special
Wing Loading: 11.4 g/dm2 (3.7 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 135 g (4.7 oz)
Radio:Sub-micro servos and micro receiver

This is a high performance micro DLG in the sub 1m (3ft) wingspan. It keeps the excellent flight characteristics of full sized (60") models in F3K class.

Check out some video clips below, to see how we succeeded in our task.

Sailfish F3K 924 is suitable for intermediate and beginners wanting to give a try in the F3K class category.

I features great flight characteristics and sturdy design.

We would like to bring up the fact that our model withstands crashes better than comparable full carbon fiber construction plane.

Our main goal was to create a compact and easy to handle 2CH model with a simple assembly.

Easy to carry around as it fits easily assembled in your car trunk.

Only built from premium quality material and state of the art manufacturing process, interlocking parts for ease of assembly.

Fuselage has milled slots to receive tail feather for worry free assembly, A precise wing jig provides fast and easy assembly of the wing without the needs of pins.

A perfect design that is easy to assemble and results in a high performance glider.

Average build time for the kit is around 7-10 hours depending on builders skills.

Kit content:

  • Precision cut aircraft grade ply and balsa and carbon parts
  • fiberglass/carbon pod and boom fuselage
  • All needed hardware and control linkages
  • Assembly jigs for wing
  • all needed glue to be used during assembly process
  • all needed iron on covering material

Required: (2) sub-micro servos in the 4g category (ideally HS-40, listed below), a Rx  weighting 5-7g or less, a 1S 300mAh LiPo

We have made some slight changes to the wing assembly, refer to these new videos:

(5) videos on YouTube showing the step by step assembly:

Instructional video part 1, new wing version 2018

Instructional video part 1, refer to this video for elevator and rudder

Instructional video part 2, covering the wing with iron on film and checking symmetry

Instructional video part 3, covering the elevator and rudder

Instructional video part 4, finishing the wing, attaching the rudder and elevator, and checking symmetry

Instructional video part 5, final assembly, installing servos and control linkages

Center of Gravity: 45-50mm


HS-40 Economy Nano Servo
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