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Wing Span: 1000mm (39.5")
Length: 1000mm (39.5")
Wing Airfoil: semi sym. (true airfoil)
Flying Weight: 400-460 g (15 oz)
Radio: Sub-micro servos and micro receiver
Motor: Axi 2217/16

The Sukhoi Su-29 is a Russian two-seat sports aerobatics aircraft with a 268 kW (360 hp) radial engine. It was designed based on the Su-26 aircraft and inherited most design and technical features of its predecessor. Developed for 3-D-freestyle - this model can perform virtually anything from the usual aerobatic manoeuvres to rolling circles, snap rolls, flat spins, knife edge loops, tumbling, torquing, hovering .... Since F3P rules have been developed for FAI, this airplane suits perfectly the needs. Due to the entirely pre-printed EPP components, as well as carbon-reinforcements it only takes about 2 evenings to build this very robust and lightweight models.
Over 15 minutes flying fun with Lithium-polymer batteries!
Kit contents: Pre-printed and pre-cut EPP components for fuselage, wings, tail plane.
Carbon undercarriage, wing spars, struts and pushrods, hardware and wheels.
Extremely well balanced model: can be flown extremely slowly and is very robust
Incredible flying manoeuvres, no matter whether flown indoors or outdoors.
No space is too small, no doorframe too tight, no manoeuvre too crazy.

SU 29 building instructions
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