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Powerline Micro 1025/F5J

Powerline Micro 1025/F5J

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Part Number:Powerline Micro 1025/F5J

The proven Power Line Micro 1025 / F5J is ideal for F3J models up to 2.5 kg, and 4 m span, like the Pike Perfect, Aspire, ORCA or Xplorerl.

Like with the larger PowerLine drives, the pinion is hardened and grinded directly onto the motor shaft. This permits to achieve high precision, best efficiency and highest reliability.

In the weight balance, it has shown that often the overall increases of weight with the available powerline micro 1025 / F5J is usually less than 100g. Many of these gliders remain competitive with the Powerline micro 1025 / F5J and remain under the 1900g take-off weight. The climb rate of these gliders is at  10-12m / sec.

The Powerline micro 1025 / F5J is not a kit, motor and gearbox are a matched unit.

Technical data (motor with gearbox):

  • Weight 99 grams
  • Length of 70 mm 
  • Diameter 22 mm 
  • Pitch circle diameter 17mm 
  • Shaft diameter 5 mm 
  • Input power approximately 430-520 W 
  • Two variants for 3s or 4s Lipos 
  • Recommended Propeller: RF 16x8 / 16×8.5 *
  • 1000 up to max. 1300 mAh battery

*The optional RF propeller 16 × 8.5 is narrower and lighter than the RF 16 × 8, but also more expensive. Please specify the desired setup with your order.

In addition, a complete set with Freudenthaler propellers and spinners, SLS batteries, YGE speed controller; 4mm gold connectors (lightweight) and a variety of fiberglass motor bulkheads are offered.

The weight of our standard-F5J-complete sets is only about 264g!

Individual weights of the set:

 Powerline micro 1025: 99g
 Propeller FR 16 x 8.5: 12g
 FR 30mm Turbo Spinner: 13g
 Lipo 3s 1000 40C: 98g
 Controller YGE60: 36g
 appropriate firewall CFRP: 1g
 Plugs and screws: 5g


We will help you in selecting the right drive!


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