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Pitlab SkyAssistant Vario-logger for RC Sailplanes

Pitlab SkyAssistant Vario-logger for RC Sailplanes

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Features of the SkyAssistant includes:
  • voice announcement of glider altitude in [m] or [ft] at reach definable altitude step (default every 50m),
  • voice announcement of on-board battery voltage, a message at each voltage drop of 0.1V and a voice alarm if it drops below a definable value,
  • voice announcement of temperature (battery, engine or air) in [°C] or [°F] with temperature data logging,
  • measurement of value and stability servo PPM signal and definable sound signal if interference is detected (works with PPM/PCM systems),
  • measurement of atmospheric pressure in [Pa] or [inHg],
  • triggering voice messages of measured values (altitude, voltage and temperature) by 3-way switch on RC transmitter,
  • few modes of work with vario tone on/off, automatic messages on/off, periodic messages on/off activated by 3-way switch,
  • user definable alarms: low voltage, high temperature, high altitude, PPM error,
  • recording of all measured values into Flash memory (logging time >10h in typical conditions: 5 parameters every 200ms),
  • easy firmware updating and automated actualization service,
  • all logged data of RC glider flight can be downloaded and graphed for off-line analysis.

The SkyAssistant variometer is a small on-board instrument which indicates the RC sailplane model's vertical speed by an audible signal. Lift is indicated by a pulsed tone with rate and frequency of the pulses depending on the climb rate. Sink is indicated by a low, continuous tone depending on the sink rate. Audible signal and voice messages about model state are transmitted by built-in radio transmitter and can be received on standard LPD or PMR receiver (European version), FRS (American version) or UHF CB (Australian version). Voice messages in all available languages can be listened.

SkyAssistant variometer package

Package includes:

  • SkyAssistant variometer in transparent heat shrink tubing,
  • Temperature sensor on 17cm long cable (you can choose other length),
  • Printed user manual in one of languages: ENFRNLGRFIPLDEITCZHURORUUAESCALT,
  • 2-color sticker with SkyAssistant logo to be sticked on your RC glider.
Details about functional blocks you can find in the English version of documentation.


TEC Probe for Skyassistant variometer
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