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Mega ACn 16/35/3CE F5J orange Race Line

Mega ACn 16/35/3CE F5J orange Race Line

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Part Number:Mega ACn 16/35/3CE F5J
Weight  No Load Current  Io  No Load RPM/Volt Diameter Length Inches Rotor Length mm Max
168g 5.9oz  
1196 28mm 1.1" 2.22 35 35(55/30 sec.)


ACn 16 series motors out perform all speed 400 size motors.
Same physical dimensions of speed 400 motors.
16 mm and 19 mm mounting holes M3
5mm (recommended for ALES or F5J)
Designed for category FAI F5J or ALES, with a 14 x 8 prop, the model is able to climb in less then 30 sec to 200 m height- model weight 1900g and even 2200g. (tested in very strong wind and in calm weather) (other possibilities MEGA 22 3S or the lighter MEGA 16/25/5 CE)

Volts PROP


Amps Gear Esc
14 x 8
736041.7DD80 A
1114 x 8
784047.6DD80 A
14 x 8
830054.0DD80 A

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