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MPJet Super Atom 1.8 diesel engine Replica, Limited series production

MPJet Super Atom 1.8 diesel engine Replica, Limited series production

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Part Number:1-superatom


Bore: 12 mm 0.472”
Stroke: 16 mm 0.629”
Swept Volume:  1.81 ccm 0.11 cu-in
Weight: 127 g 4.47 oz
Recommended rpm: 4000-6500 r.p.m.  
Recommended prop: 11” x 5” – 12” x 5”  

This engine is replica of the original engine SUPER ATOM 1,8 from Mr.Vladimír Hruška, Czechoslovakia. The SUPER ATOM 1.8 rose from the first small batch of ATOM 1,8 made at the end of 1945. The design of the engine is a typical first postwar, long stroke, self ignition, plain bearing, piston controlled combustion, "T" type side scavenging, three axial attachment lug type crankcase. This new replica is practically the same engine as the original SUPER ATOM 1,8  except for following: heat treated crankshaft (the original was made from silver mild steel) and cylinder liner (the original liner was from meehanite, the original piston was from tool hardened steel with aluminum alloy thread insert). The new liner is from nitro carburized steel and hardened, the piston is from a special meehanite. The other change is the new shape of the window in liner wall. The reason to this is a better starting and higher power. These engines are produced on modern CNC machines like any standard MP JET engines. These engines are produced in a 500 pieces limited series, each engine has his serial number (on the rear side of the crankcase). Engine spare parts parts are currently available, the replacement of crankcase will only be done by an exchange of the old damaged one.


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