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MP Jet .061 BB RC Diesel

MP Jet .061 BB RC Diesel

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MP Jet .061 BB RC diesel engine

Bore: 11mm 0.433”
Stroke: 10.45mm 0.411”
Swept Volume:  0.993ccm 0.061cu-in
Weight: 94g 3.3oz
Recommended rpm: 12000-18000 r.p.m.  
Recommended prop: 6” x 4” – 7” x 3”  

The MP Jet .061 BB is a high performance output diesel engine. A two stroke diesel engine intake by its crankshaft. Supported on two ball bearings, Schnuerle scavenging with three transfer port.

RC carburetor version. Muffler included.

This is the preferred engine for the Stevens Aero Squirt airplane.



Muffler extension for MP Jet .061
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101 7x4 Zinger Wood Prop
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