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Part Number Kabriolin
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Wing Span: 1.40 m (55")
Length: 1.42 m (55")
Wing Area: 53.6 dm2 (831 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: Funfly
Wing Loading: 33-41 g/dm2 (10-13 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.8-2.2 kg (63-77 oz) depending on power setup
Radio: Standard radio. Regular and mini servos.
Motor: Axi 2826/10 to
Axi 4120/14

This is one of the nicest 3D plane we have to offer: elegance and effectiveness are the key of success of this plane!

Its proportions makes it an ideal model for training 3D flight and it's low weight is an asset to carry out all the difficult figures such as hover, torque-rolls or flips.

Electric or gas powered 3D plane. Elegant and efficient ! Its size makes this KABRIOLIN an ideal trainer for 3D flight. With its light weight, it is easy to perform the difficult figures such as the torque roll, hovering and flips. The kit has been specially designed so that you can choose to go for electric or gas power. All the mounting parts for both options are supplied.

Kit content:

* Extra light fuselage in balsa and plywood based on a totally new design
* Easily removable canopy to facilitate the changing of battery packs
* Wings made with a balsa framework covered in Oracover®; in two parts for easy transport
* Engine cowl in white gelcoated epoxy complete with moulded air cooling vents
* Top quality accessories
* Fully illustrated assembly manual

Complete power and servos setup available upon request

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