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Jonker JS1C-21 Revelation Evo 7m
Jonker JS1C-21 Revelation Evo 7m

Jonker JS1C-21 Revelation Evo 7m

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Part Number:Jonker JS1 7m
Scale: 1:3 (23%)
Wing Span: 7.0 m (275")
Length: 2.37m (93")
Wing Area: 133 dm2 ( in2)
Wing Airfoil: FAD 22 8%
Flying Weight: 15 kg (33 lbs)
Radio: Standard radio.
Mini to micro servos for the wings.


This magnificent South African glider of JONKER company has been chosen to design the racing ship for next seasons GPS triangle sailplane competitions.

The aerodynamic design was entrusted to Franck Aguerre, a talented aeronautical engineer and well known modeler. For this formula 1 of the air, he specially designed a very thin wing airfoil (8% thick), the FAD22.

The fantastic wing has an exclusive system of adaptive twisting.
The twist of the wing of the JS1 evolves according to loads apply to the wings, with the effect to twist (negative twist) the wing tip at High-G maneuvers. As a result, in conjunction with the aerodynamic choices made on this wing, a gain in efficiency in tight turns and better locking of course in roll and yaw during this type of maneuver.

The massive use of carbon and kevlar for the construction of the airframe, the latest technology and the know-how of the manufacturer provides an empty weight, ready to fly, truly amazing for a scale sailplane of 7 meters wingspan of... 13kg!

Of course, and to stick to the rules
(wing Max load 115g/dm²), the water-ballast located both in the fuselage and the wings allow to raise up the weight to 15.65kg to turn the triangles on top speed when the weather is convenient!

The geometry of the model has been kept strictly conform to the ultra-modern full-size glider, for a no compromise scale ship.

Kit content:

  • White gel-coat, epoxy fiberglass-carbon fuselage with registration numbers and an aero-tow release mechanism.
  • Canopy hinged, scale cockpit interior.
  • Hollow-molded carbon wings (2 parts wing) with flaps, ailerons and airbrakes already installed.
  • Special carbon integrated carbon wing joiner
  • Tailplane and fin: hollow-molded carbon

Cockpit with stuffing and painting instrument panel. Landing retractable wheel comes with brakes are installed and ready to work, like the tow release. A small package hardware and short building instructions are completing the kit.

We of course also offer the self launchable JS1, it will come with either the 18" unit standard or optionally with the 20-22" unit and will require 10-12 cells. It will take off the ground with ease and give you at least three full height launches. FES option also available.

Radio requirements are two micro servos for the ailerons, two for the flaps and two additional micro servos for the airbrakes. Four regular servos for the elevator, rudder and retract. Additional servos might be installed for aerotow and water ballast.

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