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Part Number:JETEC E-80
Jetec E-80, retractable EDF self launch system with Ejets 80mm

For gliders up to 9kg (20 lbs) and scale size from 1:5

Jetec E-80
  • Weight complete with motor: approx. 640 g 
  • Material: Carbon 
  • Mechanical locking in out and closed position
  • Removable edf unit holder
  • Includes HS 5585MH servo, programmed for 180 deg rotation
  • Motor Leo 2,5Y, included (for 8-10S, provides 4.4kg of thrust, and draws 132A)

- Easy ground take-off
- Quick extension in any flight condition

- Aerodynamically rounded, silver-colored inlet ring on the impeller
- Wide apart force initiation points, 8 ball bearings
- Hand-laminated CFK / Texalium
parallelogram lever
- Great jet sound through the white duct design
- Fault-free operation due to clever, problem-free design
- Chevrons end design on duct like airliners
- Silver colored Engine exhaust body


Jet Extender Installation
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