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HCS Compact 380 brushless motor

HCS Compact 380 brushless motor

Part Number Compact 380
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HCS Compact 380 brushless motors:

This motor was designed for for small, light  gliders in mind. It's unique design (motor is built into the spinner) brings the weight most up front and gives ideal cooling to the motor.

Standard blades used are Cam 6 x 3 and Cam 7.5 x 4. For limited motor run competition, blades of 8 x 4.5 (15sec.) and 9 x 5 (5sec.) can be used, though only for short burst (5-15 sec.). The larger blades require some fitting since the yoke has a width of 5mm and these blades are 6mm.

Its light weight 29.3 g (1oz including spinner and mount) and compact design, leave a lot of room in these tiny fuselage of the light hlg or dlg.

HCS C Compact 380 Specs
Voltage range 2-3x LiPol
RPM per Volt 1770 RPM/V
Max. efficiency (%) 77 %
Max. loading 9 A/30s
No load current / 9V 0,8 A
Dimensions 43x30 mm
Spinner Dia. 30 mm
Weight 30 g
Recommended model weight 300-600 g
Recommended propeller range 6x3; 7.5x4
Propeller Battery Volt Current RPM Watt
6 x 3 2S 7.79 6.2 10'230 48
6 x 3 3S 10.53 8.7 12'330 92
7.5 x 4 2S 7.58 8.3 8475 63
7.5 x 4 3S 10.41 11.8 10350 123
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