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GEM ARF Electric Soft/Hotliner

GEM ARF Electric Soft/Hotliner

Part Number GEM
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Mega 3S motor [+U$127.00]
ESC HET-80 [+U$49.90]
Folding prop ass'y 12 x 8 [+U$25.80]
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Wing Span: 2.0 m (78")
Length: 1.20 m (47")
Wing Area: 35.8 dm2 (554 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: MH 32
Wing Loading: 36-39 g/dm2 (10-12 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.2-1.4 g (42-49 oz)
Radio: Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended
Motor: Mega 16/25/6 to Mega 22/30/3
Moskito 3G to Orbit  15-12

Electric multi-task and performance motor glider

It is like a mini electric f3B ship!

Equipped with the right setup, the GEM has a solid climb rate, long duration flight thanks the large LiPo capacity. It has good speed range, accelerates well for any aerobatics, speed passes, but also docile for slow thermal flying.
Flaps-crow configuration allows short and precise landing.

Kit is easy to assemble and can be done within 4 hours, thanks the extensive step by step pictures instructions.
Easy to carry around with its two piece wing and removable V-tail.

Kit content:

Fiberglass fuselage, two color, aluminum motor mount installed.
Servo tray and pushrod installed.
Two piece wings made of balsa sheeted foam, covered with flaps and ailerons hinged.
Carbon wing joiner.
Balsa V-tail, removable, with control horns installed.
remaining hardware, vinyl transfer and illustrated instruction manual.


Recommended Power setups:

Mega 16/25/6 on 3S LiPo, for crisp climb and long duration flight (thermal) (300W)
Moskito 3G on 3S LiPo, for softliner setup (400W)
Mega 22/30/3 on 3S LiPo, for hotliner setup (600W)
Mega 22/3S on 3S Lipo,
for hotliner setup (600W)
Mega 22-1kW, on
3S Lipo, for hotliner setup (1000W)

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