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Finesse Max F3Q/GPS carbon
Finesse Max F3Q/GPS carbon

Finesse Max F3Q/GPS carbon

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Part Number:Finesse Max
Wing Span: 4.01 m (159")
Length: 1.87 m (73")
Wing Area: 86 dm2 (1333 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HD-45 (1/8-1/9)
Wing Loading: 56 g/dm2 (17.4 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 4.7-5.2 g (175 oz)
Radio: Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended
Motor: 4-6 cells Li
Leop-LC500-5:1, B50-9L+PG
HP220/20/A2 P4 5:1

Electric multi-task and performance motor glider FINESSE Max F3Q 4.01m

The Finesse Max was developed for gliding competitions (start towed by a power plane) (F3Q) or for GPS triangle racing.
To do this, the model must be efficient in thermals to stay in the air for 8 minutes released at 200m height.
But it must also accelerate enough to cover a distance of 1000m (4 bases of 250m and 3 turns) as fast as possible, always from a height of 200m.

Easy to operate and very elegant, the Finesse Max is of course an all-composite glider (glass, carbon and Kevlar), equipped with camber flaps and manufactured according to the latest technologies with the greatest care.

For leisure purpose, it is also possible to power with an electric motor for modelers who are looking for a very efficient and versatile glider and which "works hard" everywhere, on the flat field as well as on the slope.

What you get:
- Fuselage molded in fiberglass-aramid-carbon, painted into the mold. CNC cut RC tray in plywood. Carbon wing pocket in place, glued. Geometry of wings with fuse made for you at the factory. Closing web and spar of vertical fin in carbon. Blind nuts glued at the top of the fin for attachment of the stab. Rudder flex linkage in place inside the fuse. Fiberglass molded, painted elevator servo cover.
- Clear plastic canopy mounted on its molded fiberglass frame. Closing system in place, finished.
- Molded ABS cockpit with integrated pilot to cut and paint
- Full Carbon molded wings - Herex® sandwich, painted in the mold. Color scheme painted. Ailerons and flaps finished, hinged. Servos covers molded in fiberglass and painted.
- Integral sturdy carbon wing joiner, molded, with 2 internal partitions (possibility to put ballasts inside).
- Carbon molded horizontal tail - Herex® sandwich, painted into the mold. Color scheme ready. Elevator finished, articulated with ball control horn in place. Triangulation of the stab with the fuse made for you at the factory
- Carbon molded rudder - Herex® sandwich, painted into the mold. Color scheme ready.
- Accessories: carbon elevator linkage with threaded couplers and ball clevis, ball rudder horn, MPX sockets for wing servos connection, CNC cut plywood IDS servo frames for aileron and flap servos, all IDS wing controls (hardened steel axles, bearings, epoxy bearings, special epoxy linkages, special IDS arms), ply tray set, screws, etc.

- protective bags set.
- complete power package and servo package, inquire for current pricing

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