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Avionik F5B-10 F5F

Avionik F5B-10 F5F

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Part Number:Avionik F5B-10 F5F
Wing Span: 2.06 m (81")
Length: 1.23 m (48")
Wing Area: 31.1 dm2 (493 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HD 43 (6.5%)
Wing Loading: 61 g/dm2 ( oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 1.9 g (49 oz)
Radio: Sub Micro servos and micro receiver recommended
Motor: 4-10 cells Li
Plettenberg FAI
Hacker FAI

The F5B Avionik-B-10 F5F has been specifically designed for the 3 cells LiPo FAI Class. Also used with success in different European competition and by the Italian Team at the Worlds. This model is also computer designed and optimized and is a jewel in art of molding technology. Made from CNC machined moulds the parts, to achieve the best strength to weight ratio, are cured under high pressure and temperature. This leads to amazingly stiff, stable and true parts.

The weight and construction of the different components of the model are:

  • Fuselage: Kevlar/carbon, high pressure 10 kg/m2, weight: 53-56 gr.

  • Wing: sandwich of Fiberglas/carbon - balsa - Fiberglas, carbon spar, weight: 400-425 gr. (including servos).

  • Stabilizer (+tail only): sandwich of Fiberglas - balsa - Fiberglas, carbon spar, weight: 55-57 gr.

  • Special carbon spinner, with 33 mm dia., 12-14 g only including aluminum yoke.
    Specify motor shaft dia. when ordering.

The model requires an additional (sub-)micro servos or better for elevator. X08-H are required for the wing. Power system: a great sport setup is the HP220/A2 P4 5:1 and  RFM 14 x 14 to 15 x 13.

Recommended Power setups:

Complete power package available, motor, controller, folding prop and batteries, inquiry for current pricing:

  • Plettenberg HP220/20/A2 P4 5:1, on 3-4S LiPo (2kW)

  • Mega ACn 16/35/1 PG 6:1, Mega F5J (3kW)

  • Plettenberg HP 220/30/A2 P6 5:1 Evo

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