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ASW-28 4m

ASW-28 4m

Part Number ASW-28 4m
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Scale: 1:3.75
Wing Span: 4.0 m (158")
Wing Area: 68 dm2 (1054 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: HQ 3/12
Wing Loading: 79 g/dm2 (26 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight: 5.4 kg (193 oz)
Radio: Standard radio
Mini servos for the wings

The ASW-28 is a nice scale reproduction of the T-tail glider produced by the German company A. Schleicher, Flugzeugbau, currently in production. It is the constant evolution of the ASW series and is the new standard class glider superseding the ASW-24. Improvements are triple taper leading edge and high aspect ratio winglets.

This model is excellent for aerotowing, and great for thermalling, as it has very slow flying ability. Stall is smooth and predictable. Able to make stable turns without tip stalling. If you have access to a slope that permits you to fly this glider, the flapped HQ airfoil gives you a very wide speed range with amazing energy retention. You may even afford aerobatics.

This is a highly prefabricated kit, the model comes fully moulded, and ready for radio installation. Only a few hours are required, before you go to the field. The wings are hollow moulded, with carbon and glass reinforcement. With a high gloss surface finish and control surface pre-cut and live hinged. It features flaps and ailerons control. Standard airbrakes are already installed. The winglets are hollow moulded Fiberglas. The high gloss, gelcoated fiberglas fuselage has the wing joiner carrying tubes installed. The canopy is fitted to its frame and painted. Tail surfaces are also hollow moulded and are finished. A small  hardware package and short building instructions are completing the kit. Retractable landing gear is not included and may be purchased separately.

Kit content:

  •  White epoxy glass fuselage with reinforcement
  •  Clear canopy fitted to  fiberglass frame, seat and instrument mushroom
  •  2 pieces wings all white hollow moulded, carbon reinforced, all control surfaces live hinged
  •  one set of winglets, in hollow moulded construction
  •  Standard airbrakes installed and ready to operate
  •  Tail surfaces hollow moulded fibreglass in white
  •  Hardware, instructions.

Radio requirements are six micro servos for the ailerons, flaps and airbrakes, two mini servos for the elevator, rudder. An additional servo might be installed for aerotow.

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