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ASW 28-18, 3.0m, ARF

ASW 28-18, 3.0m, ARF

Part Number ASW 28-18 (3m)
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Wing Span:3.0 m (118")
Length:1.09 m (43")
Wing Area:31 dm2 (480 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil:S3010
Wing Loading:48 g/dm2 (16 oz/sq. ft.)
Flying Weight:1.5 kg (53 oz)
Radio:Standard radio
Micro servos for the wings

The ASW-28-18 is the open class version with 18 m wingspan wings of the regular ASW-28 made by the German company A. Schleicher, Flugzeugbau, great ship in its category. High aspect ration wings terminated by winglets provides exceptional performance.

The model is very well reproduced and gets into the super scale class, with an outstanding cockpit interior, nicely applied decals and crafted by a master.
Flying is just amazing due to the acceptable wing loading it thermals well without any bad behavior.
It suited for everyday flying, it does well from a histart on good thermal days.
It has very smooth and predictable handling, on the slope you will find that it has excellent energy retention and a nice flex in the wing.

The kit is very complete. The wings are finished and covered, spoilers installed and the ailerons are hinged, the winglets are fiberglass moulded. The clear plastic canopy is fitted to the fiberglass tray and has the full size opening mechanism, tow release is installed, complete wing joiner system is installed in the fuselage. Retractable landing gear installed, even a canopy cover is supplied. All what's required is your radio gear. You will need 2 micro servos fro the ailerons, two for the airbrakes and three regular servos for the rudder, elevator and landing gear (optional). And an other for the tow release. This is definitely a great kit.

For the electric conversion enthusiast we now offer a version that comes with a motor mount installed in the nose.

For easy conversion, we offer complete power package upon request.


- Epoxy glass fuselage with a white epoxy gelcoat.
- Completely finished sheeted foam wings Oracover covered
- All moulded winglets.
- Clear canopy and fiberglass frame, fitted and painted.
- Complete cockpit interior
- Cockpit sun cover
- Wings 2 pieces with wing joiners, moulded rudder.
- Double-height airbrakes, 250 mm long, already installed.
- Hardware, stickers.
- Optional retract available
- Optional motor mount installed in electric version

For aerotowing, the glider comes with a nose tow release, this is also a great candidate for electric power, like FES (front electric sustainer).

Inquiry for complete power and servo combo package deals.

video file size: 6.2 MB
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electric conversion
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