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ASK-21 4.2m
ASK-21 4.2m

ASK-21 4.2m

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Part Number:ASK-21 4.2m

Scale: 1:4
Wing Span: 4.2 m (165")
Length: 1.76 m (")
Wing Area: 94 dm2 (1457 sq. in.)
Wing Airfoil: E 392 mod.
Flying Weight: 6.3 kg (13.8 lbs)
Wing Loading: 69 g/dm2 (22 oz/sq. ft.)
Radio: Standard radio.
Mini and micro servos for the wings.

The 17 meter ASK-21 is a two-seater performance glider still in production at Schleicher company. It was designed for instruction, training, aerobatics and cloud flying and has a glide ratio of 34:1.

This 4.2 meter model is a nice semi scale reproduction and a great flyer. This ASK-21 kit is a great way to get into aerotowing. With our Ka6e of same span these are the two most popular entry level gliders in the 1:4 scale class. It is offered highly prefabricated to put you in the air as soon as possible. The model was also designed having in mind the newcomer to scale flying, so this sailplane offers maximum versatility, forgiving flying characteristics, and excellent performance. It features the E392mod. airfoil, an easy all-round airfoil to fly. Due to its low wing loading, it has great performance for thermal flying, but can hanlde most aerobatic manoeuvres.

Kit content „Master-Edition“ ARC (sheeted foam wings)

  • Exclusive kit including all parts for the ARC glider.

  • White colored fiberglass fuselage.

  • Thermoformed canopy and fiberglass molded canopy tray

  • Rudder and elevator finished sanded ready to cover

  • CNC cut fuselage bulkhead set

  • Wings in sandwich obechi sheeted foam technology, with integral spar, wing joiner, airbrakes, servos wells, finished fiberglass leading edge completely sanded ready to cover.

  • Exhaustive hardware set, decal set and instructions.

Two micro servos will have to be fitted in the wings and two standard sized servos will be used for the elevator and rudder which are actuated via a cable pushrod and a wood pushrod respectively. You may want to fit a tow release in the nose for aero towing.

Complete combo packages available upon request.

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