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502 11x6 Zinger Wood Prop

502 11x6 Zinger Wood Prop

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Part Number:ZINQ1195
These Zinger Wood Props are made of Lightweight Maple.               
            Props with Larger Diameters Greater than 16 inches, are Made from Heavier Maple.                             
FEATURES: All Wood Props, feature classic Squared Tips and Ample Airfoil Sections.                                                          
                The Latest in Engineering Technology used for this Updated Design.   
                Lower Noise and Accurate Balance                                     
                Available in a Wide Array of Sizes to Suit Every Application.        
                Propeller is totally fuel-proof.                                     
INCLUDES: One 11x6 Wood Propeller                                              
SPECS: Center Hole Diameter:  3/16" approx.                                 
           Propeller Diameter:    11"                                           
           Propeller Pitch:       6"

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